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Skout id blocked

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Id blocked skout

Id blocked skout

It's actually embarrassing telling anyone I was banned from Skout since most people are aware of the fact that Skout is known as one of the most disgusting dating apps of all where their are escorts using it and clearly still are cause of the sheer number of messages I've received on there where men are asking to hookup with me and pay for it.

  • I only wish the admins who run this site would weed out the bad ones and it would be nice if these sites would start doing background checks on its members.

  • Unless you have disabled location collection at the device level, we will continue to collect location information even if you have opted out of sharing location information on your profile.

You can edit or delete information that you upload to our Service and you can delete your account, but you cannot recall or delete information that others have copied.

  • If you think someone has your password, change it immediately.

  • I emailed support but never got a reply.

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