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They experienced a slice of global entrepreneurial life in real time, using technologies like Skype, wikis, virtual chat rooms, and, of course, e-mail to communicate with one another.

  • Take the case of Winery Exchange, cofounded by Peter Byck in 1999.

  • Samples from the entire colon were examined by a pathologist blinded to treatment conditions.

The makers of 2017 Red Hot Exposed - which features models selected from around the world - claim it is the 'world's first ever nude ginger calendar', with each of the 12 participants chosen not only because of their remarkable good looks, but because of their flame-red locks.

  • Winery Exchange works closely with retail chains, such as Kroger, Tesco, and Costco, to develop premium private label products, and it gets its suppliers to produce and package the wines as inexpensively as possible.

  • Deshpande introduced Sivarajan to two other Indians, Sanjay Nayak and Arnob Roy, who had both worked in the Indian subsidiaries of American high-tech companies.

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