Zhu Yi nackt - 🧡 WATCH: Zhu Yi Falls Again at Beijing Olympics [VIDEO]

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InPics: Zhu Yi of China performs in figure skating

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Chinese netizens attack figure skater after she falls while representing China

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Zhu Yi, figure skater who gave up American citizenship to compete for China, attacked online by Chinese fans after falling during Olympic debut

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Eileen Gu e Zhu Yi, i destini opposti delle protagoniste alle Olimpiadi

Nackt Zhu Yi

It remained that way until Thursday morning.

  • The criticism of Zhu comes amid a charged public debate about the foreign-born athletes being drafted into the Chinese Winter Olympic team, with the country's ice hockey team currently having players born outside of China in its ranks.

  • Should we let other countries have nukes because we have nukes? The 18-year-old has charmed the Chinese public with her fluent Mandarin and familiarity with Chinese culture, having grown up spending summer holidays in Beijing.

If they succeed, we should be happy for them.

  • Ha vinto nella specilità big air dello sci freestyle ed è solo la prima di tre competizioni in cui Gu è attesa come favorita assoluta.

  • To make herself and the audience happy.

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