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As such, Sweet Bee got dinky plastic wings and a helmet that looked like antennae.

  • Twitter proved that point royally with an outpouring of support for the show.

  • There is a profound difference between those two, and failing to perceive that distinction is pernicious.

Like She-Ra, Nimona has very funny and very quirky elements that couple nicely with deeper, darker emotional undercurrents and a mythology that grows more complex and interesting as the story goes on.

  • Lumberjanes and Nimona have both received multiple high-profile awards, plus praise for representing people of color and showing queer relationships in stories about friendship, magical adventures, and general badassery.

  • Marvel a title now used by another entry on this list , Carol Danvers assumed the Mantle of Captain Marvel in honor of her mentor, the alien hero Mar-Vell.

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